Monday, June 1, 2009


Heat can really build up in the greenhouse on a sunny day. It's gone over a 100 degrees a few times, while outside it was probably only 70 some-odd degrees. Right now what I do is remember to open the ends to vent the greenhouse. Sometimes I forget and my plants get kinda droopy and wilted.

There are these cool gizmos called automatic greenhouse vent openers. When it gets hot enough the vent opens. They are heat activated, so they open when it gets hot enough, and then closes when it cools off. Pretty cool. If I got them I'd probably have to buy two, and I'd have to install a window in order to have something to vent. I'm not sure I will bother to do this anytime soon. Right now I either remember to open it up or just leave it open, or on these days that it rains I don't have to worry about it at all because as soon as those big thunderheads build up and darken the sky the temperature starts dropping.

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