Thursday, June 11, 2009

The harvest this week

Mainly greens: turnip greens, arugula, radish greens, lettuce, spinach, beet greens.
Two peas. Some French Breakfast radishes (they don't really eat them for breakfast do they?) A baby beet.

* Stir fry with tons of greens, two peas, complimented by whatever I had in the fridge.

* Salad with mixed lettuces, some feisty arugula.

* Broccoli raab (flowered before I could blink!) & mini broccoli (i.e., one floret threatening to bolt)

* Tarragon and basil -- the basil is mostly from a plant I overwintered. The tarragon is happy to put out.

* This was two weeks ago, but I pulled up some baby garlic when I was out. That stuff is GOOOD. It's like you get one green onion bulbs worth of garlic, but when gently sauteed in olive oil and put over pasta it is very nice.

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