Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Oh...I was going to have a post about how rainy it's been and how strange it is and how we normally get no rain in June, etc, etc. Then I found a page that says May gets about 1.21 inches of rain on average. We got 1.22 inches last month, so apparently we are very normal or boring or average or something. And June gets a bit more rain than May as well. So I guess all the rain we've been getting is not a freak event. But the daily thunderstorm pattern seems a little odd, it is like the monsoon season started two months early or something.

I remember past Mays (not that I've lived here all that long, going on 7 years now I think) we'd have these 3 day storms where if it was April we'd have gotten snow, but because it's May it's rain instead. I guess every now and again there are freak May snow storms.

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