Thursday, May 28, 2009

yay hoophouse

The weather here in May is usually sunny and windy and hot. This year it's been rainy rainy rainy. We've gotten a number of thunderstorms. Well, let me correct myself -- it's been rainy since I erected the hoophouse a few weeks ago. Yesterday we had heavy rainfall and pea size hail. It got down to 37 degrees outside last night. The hoophouse was only a few degrees warmer, but I had a cold frame over some plants, clear tupperware over others.

Without the hoophouse my plants would most certainly be dead by now. Or I would be out obsessively covering them up with makeshift shelters every time it started dumping rain and every evening and then uncovering on the sunny days.

The heavy rains over the last week (multiple inches which is unusual), the cool temperatures during the day, the sustained hail and the cold winds would have taken pretty much everything out. So, so far so good!

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