Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New theme for this blog

I keep thinking of garden Notes I want to write on Facebook, but I also don't want to lose friends who get totally bored of seeing constant garden obsessed blog posts. So how about a blog dedicated to gardening? Why not? Plus Facebook Notes are not quite as good anyways as a "real" blog.

I'm optimistic I will manage to make more than a few posts like I did last year, as I have a bunch of mostly written posts and I'll stick up some of my old ones on building the hoophouse as well. I'm also planning on gardening year round so in theory I should be able to post all year long. Last year I did garden year round so I know that is not just a fantasy...

The four old posts in the blog from a year ago are off-topic, so read those if you want or ignore 'em. They are a bit outdated now as I was complaining about political election stuff.

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